Integrated Structured Finance +
Construction Management:

Our Projects Start From Asset Value Growth.
Working With You To Achieve Your Objectives.
Saving You Time, Stress, and Money.

Why Work With The North?

Custom strategies to meet your objectives designed by our multi-disciplinary team. From organizing financing, planning the project  to hiring the General Contractor, and ultimately, realizing project value.


We're here to help you with the whole process: from start to finish.

What Are We Looking For?

Our focus is exclusively on measurable Value-Add Projects that require significant capital investment and construction to realize optimal value.


Project types include:

  • Single Family

  • Multi-Family

  • Major renovations

  • Infills

  • New builds

  • Land development

Who We Work With

Buying a House

Property Owners

House Viewing


Business Deal

Lenders + Investors

Fixing the Roof


Reviewing Construction Plans

Architects + Engineers

Full Service

  • In-house finance and construction professionals who will quarterback your project

  • From project conceptualization to value realization

  • We help in the whole finance and construction process

Seamless Experience

  • Reduce out of pocket expenses and save you money

  • Reduce project risks with our experienced construction professionals

  • Reduce time with our best in class technology implementation

Aligned Interests

  • Our economic interest is aligned with creating measurable Value-Add for you

  • Create cooperative relationships with all project stakeholders

  • Open and transparent

What Is Structured Finance?

Structured Finance is best understood in comparison to Conventional Finance, which  can be understood as "off the shelf" financial products from banks and other lenders such as mortgages, lines of credit, and construction loans which are implemented with little, or no, regard for the objectives of the client. 


Structured Finance utilizes these same financial products, and potentially other financial products, systematically aligning them to the objective of the client. Structured Finance employs more sophisticated financial strategies focused on risk management, cash management, asset structuring, and tax planning. 


Successful Structured Finance strategies are comprehensive and multi-disciplinary inclusive of financial planning, accounting, legal, and, for our purposes, construction management. Because of the multi-disciplinary requirements of Structured Finance these strategies are generally reserved for Private Equity and Corporate Finance including Leveraged Buyouts, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Asset Securitization, Project Finance, and Mergers & Acquisitions.


The type of Structured Finance strategies we offer are not offered by banks, accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, or lawyers to "ordinary" clients. But we do, and we develop plans specific to your objectives making the process simple, effective, and profitable. 

The North Makes Construction Management Simple

From forecasting material costs to calculating overhead costs, cost management begins during preconstruction and continues until the project is finalized. Without the right strategy in place, cash flow is poorly managed and profits are minimal at best, nonexistent at worst.


​Ensuring project finances are in order benefits not only the property owner but also makes your project a priority to contractors, knowing that they will be paid on time.

We put the processes in place so you can monitor your project from anywhere, anytime. Making sure your money is working for you.

Business Meeting

Deal Origination


Deal Structuring

Wood Frame of House

Asset Structuring

Financial Report

Capital Structuring

House Plan Review

Project Planning

Hardware Tools

Tendering and Procurement

Accounting Documents

Cost Management


Quality Systems Implementation

Construction Challenges: The North's Solutions

No real-time visibility into financial health

Real-time access to up-to-date cost information

Disconnect between accounting and operations

Integrating accounting and cost management

Keeping contracts up to date

Centralize contract management to easily process payments

Documenting and tracking constant change

Streamlined and centralized change management

Connecting your schedule to your budget

Integrated schedule and budget management

Paper, phones and people

Manage the entire project from your mobile, tablet or computer

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